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EH Research is a rich source of business information for the multiple markets we serve. By leveraging our market leadership through our various publications, we provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date business intelligence, statistics, analysis, and forecasts of the consumer electronics, commercial electronics, IT, pro sound, robotics, logistics management, materials handling and worship markets.

Custom Research

"Fast Track" Snapshot Studies
The Fast-Track Snapshot survey gives you quick and accurate information you need for critical strategic, product development, and marketing decisions. Survey opportunities include:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertising Effectiveness Survey
  • Pricing Survey
  • Product Evaluation Survey (Existing Product)
  • Product/Service Design & Customer Requirements Survey

Custom Research & Analysis Projects
Our full time research analysts are available for consulting to provide you with independent, accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date business intelligence, including the following:

  • Customer analysis and trends
  • End user buying trends and forecasting
  • Competitive product analysis
  • Technology usage and trends
  • Channel analysis and trends
Annual Research Reports
  • Custom Electronics: Brand Awareness, Use & Preference Study (March)
  • Custom Electronics: Installation Business Profile Study (Sept.) 
  • Custom Electronics: (Dec.)

  • Robotics: Consumer Robotics (Jan.)
  • Robotics: Home Healthcare Robotics (June) 
  • Robotics: Industrial Robotics (Sept.) 
  • Robotics: Educational Robotics (Dec.)

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