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Other Promotional Opportunities

Product Showcase Advertising

Whether you're a small business with a limited buget or you just want to promote one of your products in a cost effective manner, put your product in the spotlight in this Special Marketplace section. These highly successful ads are scheduled with complementary editorial content, trade shows and buying seasons. Simply supply a product image, description, and contact information and we'll create the ad!

Product Guides

Each of our publications offer Annual Product Guides featuring products and services. Be in front of our audiences with your company's contact information and products when they are ready to purchase.

Product of the Year Award Programs

The Product of the Year Award programs recognize the best technologies and services of the year. The product coverage you receive as an entrant - whether your product wins or not - represents the best value for your marketing dollar. The Products of the Year awards are designed to maximize product exposure to our various audiences. 

Electronic House Ideas Store

Ideas, Information and Knowledge for the Connected Home Consumer Shop

  • Special Issues
  • Home Starter Kit
  • Do-It-Yourself DVDs
  • And more


For more information about these promotional opportunities, contact Karen Bligh at 508-663-1500 x309 or